Toucan 2.1

The new Toucan is still a work in progress, but you can get it now. New features will be added and you can stay up to date easily, because there is an automatic check for updates.


The newest version is 2.1.2., read about it in the version log.

Available Features

Here is a list of features available in Toucan 2.1

Planned Features

More features are planned. The initial goal is to have the most important features of the 1.5 Toucan. Toucan now has some basic transition effects. More will be added later.

And if you have any particular things you like to see in an upcoming version of Toucan, send an email. Most of the features of Toucan come from customers wishes.


To learn more about the features of Toucan and how to use them go to the Toucan guide.


Toucan is shareware, the registration fee is $25. Unregistered copies are fully functional, but display a small reminder to register. You can purchase a registration number with PayPal.

If you previously purchased Toucan, you can get a free registration number. Please send an email to and include your name and your registration number for Toucan 1.x.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.5 or newer

Download for Lion and newer

Optimized for Mountain Lion and newer, only for Intel Macs.


Old Versions

These versions of Toucan are no longer updated.



Download Toucan1.5.sit